DESIGN TIPS: How to Create the Perfect Vignette

Are your vignettes Instagram-ready? A few well-styled vignettes, or groupings, can add designer polish and a pulled together look to your home. In terms of interior design, a vignette is a small space, that has been curated with groups of objects, such as vases, mirrors, plants, artwork, lamps, sculpture, books, photos, greenery, etc. to create a mood and make a style statement.

Here are a few tips for creating your own striking vignettes.

1. Mix design styles 

Placing a more contemporary object, such as this sparkly silver sculpture, on top of a traditional antique chest adds interest and punch. Also notice the pattern play of the striped wallpaper, herringbone floor, and the chest's marble top. All are in similar tones, but the mix is what makes it exciting!


  Source:   Lonny

Source: Lonny

2. Combine the elegant with the casual

Adding a more casual element to your vignette lightens the mood and makes your design more approachable. We love how the formal red chairs here flank a very rustic console. And while the antique mirrors add an ageless quality to the space, the zebra rug offers a dash of contemporary flair. 

  Source :    Designer: Kathleen Matthews   Photo By: Michael Jacob

Source:   Designer: Kathleen Matthews   Photo By: Michael Jacob

3. Highlight a collector piece

If you have a piece of artwork or a sculpture that you love, why not make it the focal point of your vignette? Here, the large bird print pops off the tomato red wall and is the the ideal backdrop for the lamp, which is balanced with the antique boxes and metal sculpture on top of stacked books.

  Source:   Country Living

4. Vary heights and depths

Make sure all of the items in your vignette are not the same height and are placed throughout the setting and not all in a row. Your eye needs to travel throughout the space and not over it. This is a great example of disparate objects of varying heights that work so well together. And fresh flowers always add something special to a space. Love the pop of orange in this neutral, natural palette, too!

  Source:   Shades of Light

5. Incorporate mirrors and lighting

Mirrors or any kind of reflective surface catch light and bounce it around a space making it feel more spacious. Adding light from a table lamp or a pair of sconces makes the vignette have a warmer feel, too. This gorgeous vignette makes use of all our tips! The rough texture of the creamy brick wall is unexpected and beautiful and is the perfect canvas for the more contemporary sconces. The light from the breathtaking candelabra lamp balanced on the right by two candles in varying heights is reflected in the antique mirror. And what about that console and the little shiny metallic candleholder beneath? Just perfect! 

 Photo taken at Savvy Surrounding Style

Photo taken at Savvy Surrounding Style

6. Be creative!

Last, but certainly not least, BE CREATIVE! Who said the lamps have to match? Why not mix shiny silver contemporary lamps with artisan pottery and a gorgeous line drawing? Creating a vignette should be fun and a reflection of what makes you happy in your home.