BEHIND THE DESIGN: {Miner} Details


"I want to live,

I want to give

I've been a miner for a heart of gold." - Neil Young


As designers, we are constantly searching for true artists that contribute to giving our clients more beautiful and unique spaces. Every so often, we come across one:

Katy Briscoe began her career in the jewelry industry in 1980, working part-time for a Fort Worth mom-and-pop shop. Later, Katy worked in the jewelry department of a major department store and then entered the world of high-dollar jewelry sales upon being hired by the internationally renowned Fred Joaillier of Paris.  With her love and extensive knowledge of the industry, she became one of Fred’s top-producers and was groomed for an assistant directorship -- the youngest and only female in that position at the time.

After her success at Fred, Katy was approached by a representative of David Webb of New York in 1985, where she furthered her knowledge of fine jewelry and gained insight into the preferences of the world's wealthiest clients.  Five years later Katy realized that she really wanted to create her own designs and left to establish her first home-based atelier called “Chinati the Jeweler”.

Grasping the fundamentals of the jewelry business was a rite of passage neither glamorous nor romantic, but with hard work and an unerring determination she set up her own full-service jewelry company in June of 1994. 

In 2010, Katy’s publicist proposed that it was time for the brand to have a new product line, and said “I think your bracelets would make the most amazing napkin rings”.  In that moment, Katy saw her stacks of bangles on dinnerware, and the idea for a gift collection was born. Soon afterwards, Katy partnered with a longtime friend to create Katy Briscoe Home. In 2014, they launched The Bangles Collection (American-made home accessories, featuring bone china with hand-painted gold and white bisque finishes). -

The simplistic beauty of white, Grecian china, joined with intricate, jewelry-inspired details, makes Katy Briscoe Home one of the most refined, yet exciting collections we've seen in a long time. 


Be inspired...dig deep. 

Uniquely yours,