“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

 -  John Bunyan


Artists relinquish pieces of themselves without reason for gaining anything in return; and art is simply shared for the joy of involvement with those who choose to interact with it.

Lourdes Sanchez is a brilliant painter and textile print designer who works in hand painted watercolor media.

In her words:

“Luli Sanchez is the name I use for my design work. My full name is Lourdes Sanchez, and Luli was a childhood nickname. I worked designing prints for the fashion industry in Manhattan for 18 years, until knowing that my heart would break if I showed up to work in the garment center one more day, I rented a teeny tiny workspace in NYC's East Village, a few blocks away from my teeny tiny apartment at the time, and basically painted nonstop and sold designs to designers of both fashion and home furnishings for 2 years straight. When I finally came up for air, I was thrilled to know I would never have to go back.

My work is still hand painted, in inks or watercolor. My objective with my designing has been to capture an organic and moody, yet optimistic spirit, and have designs out in the world that in their own small way may invoke a feeling that underneath it all, it is a benevolent universe.”

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Be inspired...and charitable with your gifts.

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