“Freedom lies within.” - Frank Lloyd Wright

Having just returned from Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, I find myself inspired, renewed and eager to share some of the latest trends from the world of design and architecture. So, what’s cutting-edge? Prefab.

There are houses and then there are RVs. But a Wyoming company called Wheelhaus sells something that's somewhere between the two: Fully built-out, prefabricated cabins that are easily hitched to a trailer and dragged to new locations.

Wheelhaus was founded by Jackson Hole native, Jamie Mackay, whose carpenter dad gave him a background in building. His idea was to apply the same traditional techniques to recreational vehicles.

So, how does this work? You place an order based on one of the models, but you can request changes to the design—within reason. Then, you customize the interior finishes and Wheelhaus takes two to four months to actually build your order. The company wraps it up in a protective covering, loads it onto a trailer and delivers it to your door—or whatever spot you have picked out in the woods. - gizmodo

Okay, so if you want to be technical, yes, they’re mobile homes. But forget technical for a second and instead focus on the fact that these Frank Lloyd Wright–looking double-wides have king-size beds, private patios, rain showers, full kitchens, fireplaces and wi-fi…otherwise known as the barest essentials. - urbandaddy

Indeed, "freedom lies within" {the prefabricated walls of these fabulous, mobile structures}. Genius.

image: wheelhaus

image: wheelhaus

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