DESIGN TIP: Make Someone a Sandwich

Why is it when someone else makes you a sandwich it tastes so much better than if you had made it yourself? The ingredients can be exactly the same…same bread, same meat, same cheese, but it tastes completely different.

I recently had a discussion with someone who reminded of this simple truth: food tastes better when it’s prepared by someone else - a phenomenon that cannot be explained, only enjoyed and appreciated. Though this topic kind of cracked me up, it also made me think; as a designer, I enter into this same idea quite often. All of the elements of a successful design may be present, but it has yet to be put together in a way that can be completely appreciated and enjoyed. The ingredients are there…same walls, same windows, same furniture, but it has yet to meet its potential.

A designer is there to put it together for you. Of course, it’s not quite a phenomenon, but rather a discipline of using particular principles: unity, harmony, rhythm, balance, scale, proportion, similarity and contrast. As in life, so in design, when these elements come together properly another rarity takes place, there is an innate peace that comes over you. You’re not quite sure why you appreciate and enjoy a space as much, but instinctively you do. Perhaps it’s because someone else put it together for you. Perhaps.

Be inspired…make someone a sandwich (in a well-designed kitchen).

Uniquely yours,