Drawing Straws

"Behold the child, by nature's kindly law,

Pleas'd with a rattle, tickl'd with a straw" - Alexander Pope


Considered the quintessential traditional Finnish holiday decoration, himmeli are fascinating structures.

"In Finland, himmeli have been made for centuries, though folklorists are unclear when the tradition began. The word himmeli is believed to have derived from the German word for heaven (Himmel) which in turn derives from the Old Norse word himinn, variously translated as heaven or sky. Himmeli were traditionally hung over the table during the harvest festival to ensure a good harvest the following year – the more elaborate the himmeli, the more abundant the next year’s crop. 

Traditionally, himmeli are made from specially selected and prepared straw in an octahedron, an eight-sided polyhedron. The straws must be straight, clean and unblemished." - etsy

The fact that himmeli are still made in Finland (and similar mobiles known as pajaki in Poland) is a testament to the remnants of old agrarian traditions, and the fact that simple, minimalistic design is still significant, and more importantly, everlasting. Because, when everything else is broken down and stripped away, it is the simplest structure that remains. Even a straw, in the end, is quite beautiful, when seen in a new way. 



Be inspired...draw the short straw, who cares...make something of it.

Uniquely yours,