mer·ry    merē


  1. cheerful and lively

    synonym: without a care in the world

“I do not consider a room complete until it has the right balance of vintage and modern elements. Trends and whimsy are not a focus for me. I strive to create a feeling of timeless elegance and gracious living in soulful environments. Rooms should feel as though the furniture and art within them were collected over time and curated with a sense of personal history.” - Tommy Smythe, interior designer

Tommy’s contagious enthusiasm and fun loving approach to décor have made him an international design world favorite. Known for his unique mixture of fine, vintage, antique and modern furnishings, Tommy never lets it all feel too serious.  “If it's not fun, it's not worth doing!” And that's his final word on style.

 images: Sarah Richardson  

images: Sarah Richardson

Now, Tommy Smythe shows us how to maintain our personal style while decorating for the holidays. He creates a festive space with accents that are both elegant and edgy.

A few tips from Tommy:

Mix Traditional With Unexpected Elements

White slipper chairs with turned legs give this space a traditional feel, while the skull pillows keep it from becoming too formal.

Keep Holiday Items on the Edgy Side

The black and red feather wreath, mismatched plaids and animal skulls offer an offbeat approach.

Add DIY Items for a Personal Touch

Black frames with collected patches create a refined, curated look, while the custom red and black check mirror adds to the warmth of the room by the virtue of its handmade artistry.

My tip:

Have Fun

Enjoy the opportunity to play around with your décor. The holidays are temporary, so why not push the envelope a bit. It's a good time to express yourself.

Be inspired...and carefree with your style.

Uniquely yours,