Peach Run

Every year one of our staff member’s, Kimberly, makes a quick run down South (to Alabama) for one very important task…to get peaches. While there, she also checks in on her 94-year-old Grandmother in Tuscaloosa, and takes a quick tour of the wonderful design shops around town and in Birmingham. But, these are all just excuses to get closer to those famous Chilton County peaches.

We all have a place to call home. A place that makes us who we are at our deepest roots. Kimberly finds the South, its history, people and design inspiring. She hopes to bring a bit of that back to you after this year’s all important “peach run.”

Be inspired.

Uniquely yours,

The Staff at Savvy

 Layout: Kimberly Kowalski, allied ASID

Layout: Kimberly Kowalski, allied ASID