"Theater will Make you Good"

“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.”  - Terrence Mann

If you visit Savvy on a Monday, you'll be greeted by the cutest, friendliest face... one of most darling staff members, Janice. There's just something about her. Perhaps it's her love of acting that gives her that perky edge that just seems to come naturally. In fact, when we asked Janice what inspires her most, she quickly replied "Theater...and my grandchildren...and my husband...not necessarily in that order...but, I really LOVE the theater." 

Janice has acted in over 20 productions, but her favorite was The Long Weekend, directed by her husband. Of course, we should note, that he has a day job as a physician, so we were especially impressed when we heard that he was also quite creative. What a cool couple!

When Janice is not acting in a show, she's taking one in, perhaps at the Fabulous Fox Theater here in St. Louis. Her absolute favorite play is John Patrick Shanley's, Doubt. She is inspired by the drama of the writing and by watching the actors portray the characters. She says it is being in the presence of great talent that truly gives her the most inspiration. Janice also loves Les Misérables and Wicked. She simply states, "The talent, the unbelievable talent."

We love the fact that Janice has a passion that runs so deep. We all should. It keeps us going, dreaming, creating. 

And so, we have created a theater room fit for our future Tony winner. Remember to thank us in your acceptance speech. 

Be inspired.

Uniquely yours,

The Staff at Savvy

Kimberly Kowalski, allied ASID

Kimberly Kowalski, allied ASID