Sea of Same

"We live in a sea of same," says TJ, one of our designers on staff. "Therefore, it's important to break out of our normal routines, veer off the path and see something new. TJ doesn't have to travel far (though he has) to be inspired. He loves to get in his car, drive somewhere new and see how the landscape changes around him. He has found beauty in the side streets around town, in the wheat fields of Kansas and most recently in his journey up the Icefields Parkway in Canada.

TJ says to drive the Parkway is to experience Canada's natural beauty from a wonderful perspective. Sweeping valleys, pristine lakes and ancient glaciers create backdrops too gorgeous to comprehend. Imagine how the colors, textures and lighting change as you make your way north. Imagine the stunning shades of turquoise, azure and emerald in the water and sky, supported by the grounding tones of earth and rock, tipped with diamond white snow. Now, imagine creating an environment in your home that captures a bit of that feeling...and journey away from the "sea of same."

Be inspired.

Uniquely yours, 

The Staff at Savvy


Kimberly Kowalski, allied ASID

Kimberly Kowalski, allied ASID