Ask a Guy

 "You had me at hello."  - Jerry Maguire 

Our Director of Operations, Becky, chose Jerry Maguire as her favorite film. "It's got a little humor, a little romance, some sports...what else do you need," she says.

When we thought a little more about this movie, we realized it's one that appeals to both men and women...and that should be the goal of a well-designed interior. It's important to get both perspectives when creating a space. As a woman, I will often ask a man's opinion before I complete a project. A masculine viewpoint is always enlightening, and it can guide a room into feeling appropriately balanced. Most importantly, when you walk into a space it should make you feel immediately comforted and should have you at hello.

Be inspired. Ask a guy.

Uniquely yours,



Kimberly Kowalski, Allied ASID

Kimberly Kowalski, Allied ASID