Designing Women

We all need a space to call our own, one that is uniquely ours. From the time we were young, we would hide in our closets, climb into tree houses or build tents out of bed linens and couch cushions. Whatever we had to do to create a little space that was just our own, we did with imagination and ingenuity. It is our firm belief that we all have a creative spirit…we are all “designing women.” The trick is figuring out your personality. Are you a Julia Sugarbaker? A Suzanne? A Mary Jo? Charlene? Or, heaven forbid, a Bernice? Do you want to create a space that is practical? Beautiful? Fun? Comforting? Uplifting? We are here to help you express your personality through your surroundings. That is what makes us a SAVVY group of “designing women.” Our mission is to create a space that is uniquely yours.

This week on Facebook, we have been posting ideas on how to create a chic workspace. As we reflect on one of our favorite television workspaces from the 80’s, we have pulled together several mood boards with different personalities.

We call this workspace "The Julia"...


This is "The Suzanne"

And…"The Bernice"


Leave us a message on this blog and let us know which of the "designing women" you are.

Uniquely yours,

The Staff at Savvy

P.S. The writer of this blog says she's a little bit "Julia" and a lot "Bernice".