DESIGN TIPS: The Art of the Matter

" A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires. " - Hedy Lamarr

Artwork is an escape. It can whisk you away, tell a great story or bring back a fond memory. It can tell a joke, recite a poem, make a bold statement or sing a lullaby. It taps into every emotion.

Our greatest tip: Choose artwork YOU love.



Here are a few other helpful hints:

1. Don't get too high

Artwork should be hung so that the vertical center of the piece is eye level for the average person. This is typically 60"-62" off the floor. When grouping artwork together, consider the vignette as one piece and center the entire group as you would a single frame.

Photo: Phoebe

2. Think big

One oversized piece can easily be the most dramatic statement in your room. Sometimes less is more...and powerful.

Photo: Elle Decor

3. Then again, sometimes more is more

A series of artwork can range from two to twelve (or more) of similar pieces. When hung correctly, a series feels extremely orderly and symmetrical taking any unwanted feelings of chaos out of the room.

Photo: House Beautiful

4. It's personal

Gone are the days of not allowing family photographs in your room. Just make sure you keep them interesting (not your family, your photographs. Of course your family is interesting!) Try to play around with scale and texture.  Mixing up the size and finish of the frames will make the installation itself will feel like a piece of artwork.

Photo: Domino Magazine

The design staff at Savvy is ready to help you get straight to "The Art of the Matter."